Max Liquid Level (2012)

Collaborative performance with Nick Fox and Jess Stewart of ROCKET Collective. 

Max Liquid Level documents an elaborate juicing ritual performed as part of ROCKET Collective’s 24 Carrot Gold series. The video loop arose from ROCKET’s ongoing engagement with the status of food in contemporary society and experimentation with extreme dietary regimes. 

In its depiction of a trio of ethereal kitchen hands in the act of slicing, dicing and pulping fresh carrots, Max Liquid Level parodies the food worship inherent in television cooking programs and celebrity chef culture. An absurdist interpretation of food preparation processes.

This project was made possible by the support of an Art and Design Grant from Arc@COFA.

Half Time Show (2012)

A high energy performance in which Beth Dillon, Nick Fox and Jess Stewart of ROCKET Collective urged Kudos gallery visitors to partake in an orange wedge smile ceremony or face a series of penalty cards. 

The performance was an absurd spectacle of collective cheer, modelled on the sharing of half-time refreshments at sporting matches. 

24 Carrot Gold (2012)

Live art event performed by ROCKET Collective members Beth Dillon, Nick Fox and Jess Stewart. Commissioned as part of Next Wave Festival's, Fresh Produce closing event, Melbourne 2012.

An ambassadorial delegation from the planet Keratonia, invited a congregation of earthlings to partake in the quaffing of their most cherished produce, the liquified carrot! Visitors to the Queen Victoria Markets, North Melbourne were offered a fresh-pulped taste of our sanctified Keratonian elixir in a gesture of intergalactic goodwill.