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(2021 - ongoing)

Installation and performance

Krone Couronne, as part of Au joli mois de mai,

Visarte Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

A performance installation that brought together a collection of works created in the period 2020-present experimenting with different 'materials of mothering'. Using improvised processes of domestic alchemy, Dillon has been transforming substances such as baby poo, breastmilk and cow's milk into costumes and objects to create a tactile, grubby and tender archive of infant caregiving. The installation included a live demonstration of milk plastic (casein) production methods.

CUD installation

CUD performance: Plasticised breastmilk, casein plastic, salvaged PVC sheets and XPS foam blocks, recycled linens and blankets, cooking utensils and pots, aluminium foil, hot plate, vinegar, milk, glycerin, storage containers, hand-made costume   

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