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Dreams for the Dreamless (2017)

Costume, scenography and video created for a solo stage work of Geneva-based performer and choreographer, Gregory Stauffer.

Inspired by a period of residence in Finland and the generative potential of the meander, Dreams for the Dreamless is a dark pop odyssey that confronts fantasies and cliches of the Scandinavian North. Objects, costumes and moving image for the show were developed in response to the vastness, myths, secrets and silence of Nordic forests; the phenomenon of black water in flow and fall; and the role of the artist as a hunter of impressions and encounters in the landscape. Body, object, sound, light and image wake up for the night, unleashed in a state of constant interaction and transformation to create a dreamscape traced in contours of ooze, powder, sweat and song.


Concept and performance: Gregory Stauffer
Costumes, installation and video: Beth Dillon
Sound composition: Ariel Garcia
Lights: Jonas Bühler
Poetic consultancy: Alain Volpe
Dramaturgy: Johannes Dullin



Centre culturel suisse, Paris (F) 2018
Performance Process, Tinguely Museum, Basel (CH) 2017
Arsenic, Lausanne (CH) 2017
Südpol, Luzern (CH) 2017
ADC, Geneva (CH) 2017

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