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I'm New Here (2015)

Video, sculpture and photography installation, 

Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, Australia, July 2015.  

How do you find your way out of an Icelandic forest?

Stand up.

A collaborative project with Anton Benois. I'm new here presented acts of landscape appreciation in a number of locations throughout the north of Iceland. Developed during a two-month winter residency at Listhus Artspace, Olafsfjordur, this series of video, photography and sculpture interrogates processes of viewing landscape and the framing of its representation. In particular, I’m new here investigates the touristic gaze, considering how ideas of novelty, beauty and attraction influence the experience of exotic and unfamiliar places.

I’m new here was supported by funding from the Listhus SKAMMDEGI Award, and the Sainsbury Sculpture Grant (NAVA).

Catalogue Essay by Alison Groves

Exhibition Review by Tracey Clement, Art Guide Australia

Exhibition documentation stills: Zan Wimberley

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