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Holiday Feelings: The Remote Experience (2015-present)

Video and sculpture installation created by 110% as part of their Art Store takeover, at Cement Fondu Gallery, Sydney, Australia.


The installation was exhibited as part of Attention Tourist with Ryan Trecartin, Lizzie Fitch and Christopher Ulutupu, 16.01 - 7.03.21

No travel? No worries. With their interactive leisure oasis, Holiday Feelings: The Remote Experience, 110% invited gallery visitors to luxuriate in the pleasures of anywhere but the here and now. A grotto getaway to appreciate the sounds, sensations and services of at-home holidaying. Audiences were encouraged to take a moment to rest, recline and refresh themselves in a custom-made relaxation zone with the underlying motto: Our labour is your leisure, your leisure is our pleasure.


Holiday Feelings: The Remote Experience is an ongoing participatory video and installation series that imagines the pursuit of leisure, both online and IRL, and the appreciation of art as merged interests in our contemporary consumer society. Presented in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the oasis reflected on tensions between our hyper-mobile habits and expectations and the current travel restrictions. There’s no feeling like holiday feelings.


Presented amongst the installation were a range of artworks, clothing and homewares, including unique and limited edition pieces by 110%, Kenny Pittock, Black Birds, and Mechelle Bounpraseuth amongst others.

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