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Produced in collaboration with Agora Collective for Project Space Festival Berlin.

Contributing artists - Beth Dillon, Tomás Espinosa, Renata Har and Caique Tizzi  


STRAVAGANZA was a series of site-specific installations and performative actions - a festival within a festival - that examined the topics of festivity and its icons.

For STRAVAGANZA, Agora Collective repurposed everyday day materials of the kitchen, garden and workspace through works of sculpture, performance and installation. Strategies of improvisation and repetition were used to respond to the daily functions of the Agora site in a series of extravagant and celebratory gestures that spanned a single day.    


On the top floor of the building, two male performers slowly circled the space, swathed in flowing folds of white plastic sheeting. 


In the staircase, audience members were invited to form temporary orchestras, playing with resonant sheets of metal.


In the cafe level, rows of wooden tables were powdered with a lunar landscape of heaped flour.


From the rooftop, a long string of mirrored balloons stretched skywards to form a temporary monument to the Agora community: the tallest building in Neukölln.

In the garden, the tallest artist in Neukölln appeared on the hour to perform a champagne toast to the whole spectacle. 

The Neukölln Monument
A Toast
Together we stand
Our gaze turned skywards,
Contemplating tethered lightning.
We gather to appreciate
The surface pleasures
Of your hypnotic undulations
We bear witness
To your necessary indulgence
A present assembled
For a limited time only
This is a cause for celebration.
This is a success story
Let’s raise our glasses
Let’s drink to the now
Or never
It’s not for ever
But it’s the best we’ve got.
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