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Sweating the Foundations 


Live performance and installation by 110%.

Commissioned by Performance Space for Liveworks Festival, Sydney, Australia, October 2018

For Liveworks 2018, 110% developed a large-scale installation and performance work that responded to the industrial heritage of Carriageworks, the festival presentation venue. Using a combination of steel scaffolding, raw clay, foam, canvas and performing bodies, the trio rezoned the building’s public space into a site of active art occupation. Throughout the festival period, the parasitic installation of porous and leaking architectural forms received ongoing support and attention from a team of highly disciplined workers who performed gestures of construction, maintenance and care. Through an accumulation of tactile pressures of trace and touch, 110% produced an onsite ooze industry that sought to sweat the foundations of minimal sculpture and collaborative practice.

For the closing night of the festival, 110% collaborated with Sydney-based sound artist, Enderie, for a final exploration of space, action and residue in their monumental installation.

Catalogue text by Tulleah Pearce

Special thanks to performers: Alice Joel, Anna May Kirk, Chelsea Farquhar, Emily Galicek, Emily Henderson, Jack Atherton, Keila Terencio, Lesa Parker, Liam Taylor, Michael Stratford Hutch, Patrick Howard, Ryley Edwards, Shimmy Yang, Sophie Peppernell, Steph Clarke, Tracy Quan, Ondine Manfrin, Anthony Toohey, Nuala Furtado and Eilish Fitzpatrick. 

This project received funding support from Arc@UNSWArtandDesign.

Image credits: Document Photography and Andrew Kensy

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