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The foot is an excellent witness


Ephemeral archive of sticking plasters (Band-Aids) used during an 18-day journey on foot between Geneva and Paris June 2018.


In June 2018, Dillon walked from Geneva to Paris to commence a three-month residency at the Cité internationale des arts. The 18-day solo journey served the practical purpose of traveling between two short-term working situations, and as an opportunity to confront the experience of mobility as a bodily process of displacement. Hoping to gather evidence of the physical efforts and psychological effects of this action, Dillon began the walk with a series of storage containers in her backpack to gather tears, blister fluids and used sticking plasters. As blister fluids and tears proved difficult to harvest, evaporating in the heatwave conditions, her efforts at documentation turned to two other daily actions: the consumption of carrots and the use of sticking plasters as foot protection. These ephemeral archives use banal and abject materials to document the journey as a series of minor injuries and interruptions, deflating lyrical fantasies of the nomadic artist as a heroic explorer.  

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