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The Wide West Show! (2019)

Costume and scenography for a collaborative stage work of Gregory Stauffer, Ariel Garcia and Johannes Dullin.

The Wide West Show! tells the story of a well-known trio: that of the Clown, his companion the Auguste and their mentor Mr. Loyal (the ringmaster). It is the story of three clownboys in the ruins of their dreams. After the concrete conquest of the great plains of the Wild West, they have coded the digital plains, imagined a liquid world where all thought can move without limits and observe the streams crashing down on the solid continents of their reactionary thoughts. Taking inspiration from the “Wild West Shows” of Buffalo Bill Cody at the end of the 19th century, the trio embodies the ageing figures of three white men off to conquer the world. “The Wide West Show!” humorously critiques our modern age’s obsession with productivity, efficiency and acceleration, of which the clown here becomes the parodic figure.


13-17 & 20-24 March ADC, Geneva (CH)
28-31 March Programme Commun, Lausanne (CH)
31 January - 2 February Arsenic, Lausanne (CH)



Dance & clowning: Ariel Garcia, Gregory Stauffer and Johannes Dullin
Costumes: Beth Dillon and Alice Joel

Set Design: Beth Dillon
Sound: Ariel Garcia
Lights: Joana Oliveira
Dramaturgy: Marius Schaffter
Administration & distribution: Tutu Production Pauline Coppée

Image credit: Gregory Batardon

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